Zhuguang Elementary School
Zhuguang Elementary School
Zhuguang Elementary School
Zhuguang Elementary School

Education Feature

Zhuguang Elementary School

Shenzhen, China

Nanshan District Government Office
Site Area
19264 sqm
26027 sqm

Zhuguang Elementary School
– Shenzhen, China

Invited Competition: Awarded the Innovation Award

Zhuguang Elementary school has the ambition to take one step beyond the classic educational facility design and into a concept where students are encouraged to interact and socialize both inside- the academic environment and outside- the social environment. Classic educational facility separates and isolates the diverse functions between administration, staff, teacher-curriculum, classrooms and other pedagogic facilities. Such de-grouping detaches the ultimate purpose of a school: the transmission of knowledge, teaching critical and analytical assessments and fostering creative thinking and “action”. We believe in generating a new model of school assemblage whereby a compactly layered interactive program would encourage and foster interactions and socialization.

Our project intends to weave a closer and more integrated relationship between diverse components: pedagogy, users, program, building, site, and landscape, thereby creating an integral environment, figuratively and literally.

Design Drivers:
1. Synergy: spatial collaboration of old and new.
2. Heart of the new school: creating a strong identifiable multi-level protected outdoor student social space.
3. Interactive Hubs: Creating opportunities for social interactions outside of classrooms.
4. Clear Hierarchy: Coherent classroom organization by type and by levels.
5. Flexibility: to allow for changes in classroom function and adaptability.

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