Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft
Vertical Loft

Living Feature

Vertical Loft

Paris, France

Living-Interior Design
Full Scope
Site Area
212 sqm

Vertical Loft – Paris, France

Situated in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of Paris at the end of a cul-de-sac street, Vertical Loft is a transformation of an existing photographer’s studio with 10m height interior space composed of existing wood-frame structure into a living and working loft space for a young creative professional couple. The functional requirements included an open living space with large kitchen and dining area along with a master bedroom, guest bedroom, a ceramic studio with high heat oven, an office area and access to an outdoor area. Utilizing the verticality of the interior volume, our proposal set forth a vertical stacking of the functional spaces into a series of hierarchical layering of entertaining, living, and working spaces. Two large enclosed floating volumes, the master bedroom cube and the ceramic studio block, orchestrate the vertical spatial organization of solids and voids.

In between the two large masses, living and entertainment spaces along with kitchen and dining area carved out and connected with a folding wooden floor spanning from lower level to intermediate level. The roofs of the floating volumes are utilized for the open office and an indoor- outdoor terrace that is activated using a remote controlled to open the large pivoting glass roof. A feature staircase links vertically the various internal functions up to the floating indoor-outdoor terrace. Fabricated with steel beams and profiles for its lightness and flexibility, the new elements are grafted unto the existing wooden structure and reinforced where necessary. The overall design is an expression of how new and old structure can co-habitat to create new and exciting spatial experience and creative functional adaptations.

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