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Conference Table

Furniture Design

“S” – Conference Table

Dimensions: 156cm x 414cm x 75cm H

Principal Materials: Stainless Steel frame support with Stainless steel tube legs- Laser cut Corian finished top.

“A thought is never linear; getting from Point A to Point B is not necessarily a straight line.”

The design for this conference table takes its cue from the notion that multiple table positions can produce multiple perspectives and generate multiple communication points. The “S” conference table is conceived as a “communication” furniture of multiple scales and usage. The overall scale of the table caters to formal gatherings and presentations. Whereas, the sinuous shape offers possibilities of smaller, more intimate meetings without the grandeur of a formal conference table. Flexibility is endless. Furthermore, the elegant floating sinuous shape generates a soft dynamic quality while complementary to the purity of the mass material. The conference table support is fabricated from stainless steel tubes in an array of triangulated support. Its lightness contrasts poetically with the solidity of the steel tube fabrication.

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