S-M-L Towers
S-M-L Towers
S-M-L Towers
S-M-L Towers
S-M-L Towers
S-M-L Towers

Workplace Feature

S-M-L Towers

Shenzhen, China

Workplace - Mixed Use
Shenzhen Antuoshan Investman & Development Co. Ltd
Site Area
18, 086 sqm
126, 605 sqm

S-M-L Towers – Shenzhen, China

Associated Executive Architect:
Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

Invited Competition: Awarded 1st Place

The “S-M-L” Tower Matrix is a mixed-use development concept design that creates a masterplan of timeless and enduring design: a center of urban excitement at the foot of Tanglangshan Country Park in Futian district. Generating a major landmark on the cityscape of Shenzhen, three towers of different heights create a new skyline against the backdrop of Shenzhen mountain landscapes.

A large 200 m tall Research and Development tower, a medium 150m tall Service apartment tower and a small 57 m tall Government service tower jointly creates a new district destination point, an urban hub that offers innovative and open-flexible platforms within a complex and stunning environment for emerging industries, high-tech, and other service related companies.
Creating a true lifestyle environment of open public space, street retail and leisure activities, the new designs of live-work and leisure spaces intertwine. Here, in this sensitively constructed combination, both a relaxing and inviting public realm invites a contemporary 24/7 lifestyle.

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