Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre
Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre
Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre
Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre
Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre
Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre

Culture Feature

Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre

Kaunas, Lithuania

Kaunas City Municipality
Site Area
39, 908 sqm
32,250 sqm ( excluding public park )

Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre– Kaunas, Lithuania

Structural Consultant: Leslie E. Roberts & Associates Engineering- HK

International Competition

The Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre is organized within a conceptual interface of two horizontal planes: Ground and Sky. These two horizontal plans form an interstitial interaction that drives the public realm experience and articulating the functional program of this new cultural beacon. These two-inverse undulations create unique fluid and sinuous urban portals that frame the Nemunas River, Kaunas’s city skyline and the horizon. Converging to form a dynamic and multi- interstitial urban portal, the public realm is articulated by the undulating ground plan and the concert hall’s program is formed by the inversed undulation of the sky plan from above.

It stands at the edge of the Nemunas river and reflects back to the city and points to the future and its destiny. The main Music Concert Hall of the Kaunas M.K. Ciurlionis Concert Centre is a state of the art flexible and adaptable performance complex that can accommodate 1500 spectators offering flexible staging technology to cater to diverse productions such as opera, dance, theatre, concert – classical and contemporary and lectures. The advance audio-video, lighting and acoustical systems are designed to internationally recognized standards. The interior of the concert hall is a fluid and majestic hall where the experience of the performance is enhanced by the fluid and dynamic quality of the interior fitouts. The Secondary hall, Blackbox theatre, is a versatile and flexible performance space. Offering 800 seats capacity, it has flexible staging and seating technology. Both performance spaces are connected with an open foyer space that draws the fluidity of the exterior to the interior experience.

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