Xi’an Times Centre Commercial Tower Public Space Fitout

Xi’an Times Centre Commercial Tower Public Space Fitout

Xi’an, China
  • Type of Project: Interior Design
  • Scope: Concept-Scheme Design including + FFE
  • Project Duration: Sept – Nov.  2016
  • Project Area: 5549 sqm
  • Delivery Date: Dec. 2017
  • Client: Yong Wei Real Estate Company Limited, Zhengzhou

Located in Xi’an’s Central Business District, Times Centre is a Grade-A commercial tower of 230 m tall with a 5 level retail podium.

The interior fit-out concept took its design cue from the façade panel modules of Tower by integrating its bold yet simple linearity into the interior atmosphere. The lobby is intended to be a calm and reflective gathering space that blurs the boundaries between the interiors and the surrounding exterior landscape. The principal material is a silvery-reflective membrane manufactured by “Barrisol®” and divided into equal standardized panels for walls and ceilings that follow the existing façade units resulting into a 3-dimensional grid that creates a stunning visual effect. The “L-shaped” lobby is finished on both ends with a modular media wall animating the space 24-7.

The retail corridor areas are designed with similar aesthetics, the main concept of the linear composition persists throughout the retail area, where light and tiles modules creates a systematic rhythm in the corridors. All core walls and service access are finished with reflective panels that help create a visually spacious retail environment.

The material palette consists of a series of various shades of grey lava rock, basaltina tiles, complemented with stainless steel panels as well as reflective and translucent membranes “Barrisol®” mounted on steel frames. All down lights, sprinklers, security- PA systems, network and HVAC system are integrated into the linear channels making all the spaces geometrically minimal and organized.

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