Wanda International Shopping Plaza Competition

Wanda International Shopping Plaza Competition

Beijing, China
    • Type: Commercial – Retail
    • Status: Innovation Award for Professional Group – Open International Competition
    • Year: Oct 2017
    • Client: Wanda Commercial Planning & Research Institute, Beijing
    • Site Area: 60 000 sqm
    • GFA: 100 000 sqm

In a future vision of retail design, shopping centres are the new community hub for social interaction, cultural consumption and leisure activities. We deliberately transformed the concept of retail layers, into different functional tissues in the cube, each function cube can be connected to one another or separated from each other. Creating a matrix of infinite combinations of flexibility and adaptability to changing retail and lifestyle functions and needs.

Access to green vegetation, fresh air and natural daylight is a value enhanced the urban experience that brings a sense of community, socialisation and gathering. It promotes healthy living and positive energy.

Our intention is to generate a dynamic interaction between the natural elements and the programmatic layout of the new retail-lifestyle complex. By creating a gently revolving structural wheel that allows all levels to access natural air, light and vegetation and utilising it as a way of moving people up and down the entire complex in a leisurely and ludic manner, it will generate an iconic element that create a unique experience, drawing people over and over again.

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