Twin Tower Mixed Use

Twin Tower Mixed Use

Luoho District, Shenzhen, China
  • Type: Mixed Use
  • Status: Shortlisted Consultation – First prize
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Shenzhen Guosu Real Estate Co. Ltd.
  • Site Area: 5 763 sqm
  • GFA: 63 598 sqm
  • In collaboration with: Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

Competition winning proposal, the Twin Tower Mixed Use complex is designed to generate a new urban hub for commercial, entertainment and leisure activities with a vibrant commercial center and an active public realm space for public gathering, retail-commercial events, and community leisure. It is an efficient eco-friendly development that re-energizes an existing industrial urban plot by creating a new commercial destination point within a confined urban fabric.

Situated in the heart of Luohu district of Shenzhen on Bao’an South road and adjacent to Songyuan road, the site is strategically located along a primary north-south artery axis of Shenzhen. With a site area of 5763 sqm and an overall GFA of 63 598 sqm, the site’s high plot ratio, resulting from this context of urban density, will necessitate an urban and iconic benchmark: it will define a new skyline to mark its distinctive qualities and spearhead its urban identity.

The Twin Towers, an office and service apartment tower, are linked at the upper portion of the towers by a shared special amenity between the two distinct functions: a Skyclub featuring the health club, spa, lounge, gym, bio-café and bar. Forming an urban gateway / arch, the special amenity of the Skyclub will be an added value to the commercial development, featuring breathtaking views and special services dedicated to the occupants of the commercial development.

At the heart of our innovative and conceptually sound proposal, lies in the idea of creating a true sense of public place as a key design driver, a vibrant and open civic/retail/ leisure plaza. The multi-functional plaza offers and fuses an active and dynamic public realm experience with direct access for all: the retail – leisure facilities; a civic and community gathering place for all users; and a major urban node for commercial-retail and leisure functions.

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