Tianjin Airport R&D Science Technology Park

Tianjin Airport R&D Science Technology Park

Tianjin, China
  • Type: Urban Design
  • Status: Invited Limited International Competition (2nd place)
  • Year: 2012
  • Client: Tianjian Airport R&D Science Technology Park Development Company Limited
  • Site Area: 39 869 sqm
  • GFA: 1 097 660 sqm
  • Undertaken at: RMJM-HK as Design Director

The Tianjin Airport Economic Zone Science and Technology Research and Development Masterplan, situated within the New Binhai development zone is an important future development zone planning of facilities to attract software and biotechnology companies and other support facilities locally, nationally and internationally.

The 103.5 hectares, composed of five parcels, are situated in phase 2 of the Airport Economic zone and located in between the residential /commercial development to the north and the industrial zone to the south. Featuring a north-south commercial / retail axis linking the industrial to the commercial- residential areas, the masterplan provides the overall planning framework for the development of a world class R&D and support facilities to attract innovative businesses in the field of software / IT and biotechnology research.

Central organizing element of the masterplan is exhibited in the linear green “spine”. It is the social hub where interactions take place during the day and evening through diverse activities and support facilities. This linear green spine, like the Central Park in New York City, is the heart of this development. Featuring conference centers, exhibition facilities, cafes, restaurants, small retails, outdoor sports activities plus more, the linear park creates a destination point for all users.

The Software & Bio-tech R&D facilities are organized into a series of diverse low-rise clusters with internal landscape courtyards. Connected to the linear green park with ample flexibilities and adaptations incorporated, the R&D spaces offer flexible leasing options by simple floor plates, by buildings blocks, a whole complete cluster with its own private green space or a series of clusters linked together. They adapt to immediate needs and growth of R&D enterprises and supporting their growth along the way.

Our proposal creates a planning framework of a vibrant and interactive R&D platform. It caters to an R&D lifestyle development by mixing work and leisure in an 24/7 year round lifestyle.Through an integration of social hub network of interconnected R&D laboratories in cellular clusters with flexibility in functional layout, shared interactive functional nodes facilitate cross enterprise communications. Communal leisure facilities are linked to an undulating linear green park that provides an inviting landscape environment offering leisure/entertainment facilities for interdisciplinary and cross company interactions and a place for public to gather and meet creating a true social and educational destination point that is open and inviting during the day and evening.

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