S+M+L Tower Antuoshan, Shenzhen

S+M+L Towers

Anthuoshan, Shenzhen, China
  • Type: Mixed Use
  • Status: Invited Competition – 1st place award
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Shenzhen Antuoshan Investment & Development Co. Ltd
  • Site Area: 18 086 sqm
  • GFA: 126 605 sqm
  • In collaboration with: Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

A winning scheme submission, the S-M-L Tower Matrix is a mixed use development concept design that creates a masterplan of timeless and enduring design: a center of urban excitement at the foot of Tanglangshan Country Park in Futian district. Generating a major landmark on the cityscape of Shenzhen, three towers of different heights create a new skyline against the backdrop of Shenzhen mountain landscapes. A large 200 m tall Research and Development tower, a medium 150m tall Service apartment tower and a small 57 m tall Government service tower jointly creates a new district destination point, an urban hub that offers innovative and open-flexible platforms within a complex and stunning environment for emerging industries, high-tech, and other service related companies. Creating a true lifestyle environment of open public space, street retail and leisure activities, the new designs of live-work and leisure spaces intertwine. Here, in this sensitively constructed combination, both a relaxing and inviting public realm invites a contemporary 24/7 lifestyle.

Situated adjacent to the elevated highway Beihuan Avenue and Qiaoxiang No.5 to the north and No.4 Antuoshan road to the East and No.6 Antuoshan Road to the west, the site is part of a larger masterplan to revitalize the area of Futian district currently occupied by an existing cement -concrete production complex. With a total site area of 18 000 sqm, the long rectangular site is planned with a large public plaza to the west on No.6 Antuoshan road, along with a second public plaza to the east, along No.4 Antuoshan road. Furthermore, the site has an 8-meter height difference between the lower east side and the higher west side. The existing topographic level creates seeming constraints but instead an enormous opportunity from a commercial multi-level access point of view.

Aligning along the “fengshui” axis, perpendicularly from the Tanglangshan country park, the 200m tall landmark R&D tower created to stand on the western portion of the site, forming an urban anchor together with the upper plaza along No.6 Antuoshan Road. This balanced and elegant 200m tower of polished concrete frame and glass façade stands as a landmark tower attesting to the prowess of contemporary design and an acknowledgement to the history of the site.

Utilizing the existing slope of the site, the upper plaza, in turn, unfolds in two manners. First, it gently slopes up to create an outdoor sports plaza providing a smooth and easy access to this public amenity. With a view towards the Tanglangshan Country Park and the clear north – south axis, this “sports plaza” is both a urban window to the development allowing natural ventilation to flow from north to south as well as an active public outdoor activity zone for leisure and sports. Secondly, the upper plaza gently slopes down from west to east connecting with the lower plaza to the east, adjacent No. 4 Antuoshan road, creating a mid-level ground floor access to the retail podium slab from the planned road to the south. With an 8-meter height difference between the upper and lower plaza, the retail slab is placed in between the slope, allowing the creation of a multi-ground floor access and ensuring maximum retail value on all levels.

This unique masterplan creates, ultimately, a new landmark and elegant workmanship for the Research and Development / mixed use. It redefines the notion of work and leisure through an interactive network of leisure and retail facilities and public realm. It reveals unexpected interconnectivity between the interior and exterior landscapes. It offers flexibility in functional organization, interactive nodes and spaces that facilitate communication, and the new dynamic multi-level plaza. The Antuoshan Mixed Use links all the facilities and the public together, creating a true mixed-use destination point. As an enduring and endless invitation to sharing experiences of retail and leisure activities, open during both the day and evening, this profound and unique landmark rises out of its ashes of the former concrete producing industrial site: a new local and international phoenix rising out of its own ashes to new life.

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