Sales Centre-Xi’an Times Centre Tower

Sales Centre-Xi’an Times Centre Tower

Xi’an, China
  • Type of Project: Interior Design
  • Scope: Concept, and Scheme Design including FFE
  • Project Duration: June- Aug 2016
  • Total Area: 450 sqm
  • Delivery Date: Dec. 2016
  • Client:Yongwei Real Estate Company Limited, Zhengzhou

A homage to the contemporary architecture of the SOM designed commercial tower, the interior design of the sales centre re-interprets the abstract expressionism of the tower and creates a sculptural volumetric play to compliment the subtle shifting volumes that comprise the tower’s overall design.

Creating a dynamic play with large white pixel volumes interspersed with recessed lights, the sales centre is no longer purely a commercial space, but a hybrid space of a social gathering space, a cultural exchange space, a commercial space, an event space, and an urban public realm. It invites the public into a world stripped of all commercial – retail semantics and into a realm of transparency, simplicity and resolutely modern.

Composed of a volumetric layering strategy, the functional aspects of the sales centre are dissimulated into the pixilated feature wall. Made from “corian” finished panels over plywood substructure, the feature wall is a functional sculpture that incorporates a reception area, exhibition and display areas, a café and bar into one coherent feature wall.

Corian homogenizes the overall finish into one material, one articulated pixilated block. With no seams and no joints, it is a block of pixilated volume. Pure and articulated, the white mass plays with the shadows and recessed accent lighting. Richness of the space is exemplified by the complexity of shadow and light.

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