Rainbow Table

Rainbow Table

Concept Design with Prototype
  • Type: Industrial Design
  • Status: Concept Design with Prototype
  • Dimensions: 80cm x 180cm x 72cm H
  • Principal Materials: Tempered transparent glass table top + Multiple Fluorescent Plexiglass with Stainless Steel frame support.

A rainbow is the result of light revealing its inner soul…

A multi-functional table designed for the office or home brings color of the rainbow inside to ones space. Its lightness and colorful nature is conceived with fluorescent plexi-glass panels of different colors creating the soft colors arranged within a stainless steel frame.

A table is not merely a surface to work on or to eat from; it is a canvass of invitation. Its utility is only a reflection of the imagination and creativity that one bestows upon it. Rainbow is just a door upon which the soul can reveal itself.

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