Qingzu Lake International Language School + Kindergarten

Qingzu Lake International Language School + Kindergarten

Changsha, China
  • Type: Education – R&D
  • Status: Invited Competition
  • Year: 2010
  • Client: Fountain Real Estate – Changsha
  • Site Area: 52 663 sqm
  • GFA: 25 793 sqm + 5 420 sqm
  • In collaboration with: Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

Concept design for an international language Middle school dedicated towards incorporating international languages into its overall curriculum. The school is organized into two distinct complexes with a centralized shared school plaza. The Secondary school is a simple square form anchoring to the northern part of the site. The kindergarten is a circular form anchored to the south. Its simple geometrical form creates a unique identity for each school, and generates a complimentary relationship between the two forms.

Featuring a barrier –free design approach, the Secondary school is designed with all classrooms accessible for all students, whether disable or handicap. It promotes movement as a social interaction. Gentle ramps guide students up and around the various levels and social interactive spots along the ramp creates moment of serendipitic encounters and rest spots of study and interaction. The ramps themselves create the visual language of the school itself as it wraps itself around the central open space. The cluster courtyard is the heart of the middle school forming the common convergent point.

The kindergarten is cloaked in a living green façade. Active plants are grown in modules and attached to the circular form of the kindergarten as façade material. The living and breathing green façade provide a natural thermal shading and cooling element for the kindergarten.

It creates a visual bond for the children concerning the environment and their place amongst all living things. The open central atrium with its central circular ramp is also the heart of the kindergarten.

Sustainability is a central design driver for the concept design of this project. Recyclable and local materials are utilised as architectural design features along with energy renewable technologies to minimize energy consumption.

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