Neighborhood Centre

Neighborhood Centre

Shanwei, China
  • Type: Commercial – Retail
  • Status: Invited Competition – 1st place+Commission- expected completion 2017
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone of Shenzhen-Shantou
  • Site Area: 16 195 sqm (plot size) + 11 809 sqm (city plaza area)
  • GFA: 34 880 sqm
  • In collaboration with: Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

Competition winning proposal for a new Neighborhood Centre is a central piece of the community-oriented facility, designed to cater to an entirely new work-live-play district along the main infrastructural artery connecting Shantou and Shenzhen along the National road G324. Situated within the Shenzhen-Shantou special cooperation zone, the planning incorporates a series of commercial, cultural and community oriented facilities to add leisure and entertainment and fun into a developing district. The Neighborhood Centre is destined to become community hub to attract users and promote interaction as well as a place to be for all leisure, entertainment and satisfying quotidian needs in living.

Located in-between the planned Sports Centre to the east and a cultural complex to the west, the Neighborhood Centre sits adjacent to a large community plaza. The Neighborhood Centre is a natural and fluid extension of the community plaza, connecting laterally and elegantly to other community service facilities. The public plaza moves from an outdoor experience to an indoor-outdoor experience through the Neighborhood Centre and creates a community activities hub that gives identity to this new emerging district. Together with the open community plaza, it forms the heart of the community by creating a sense of place and a community-driven destination point with dynamic and active programs to suite the entire family from young to old. It offers community service functions on the ground floor, retail lifestyle on the second level, and entertainment and health related functions on the last two levels.

The unique feature lies in the centralized zone where the active community amenities, such as exhibition-performance platforms, lounges, children’s play-zone, wall climbing areas, game zone, and other family oriented activities, are strategically placed. The various levels and multi-distributed spaces combined to create a “serendipedic promenade” of interactive community functions to activate the interiorized plaza space. These community amenities create a network of interactive platforms that bring users of all ages to the neighborhood centre in an in-between space of indoor and outdoor. The blurred interior and exterior, the fluidity of the space, a mixture of air and light, all endow each function with individuality and interconnection.

The buildings and landscape of the Neighborhood Centre uniquely dialogue with one other, creating a cohesive and compelling experience of invitation. Transforming the exterior and interior with the same gesture, this new community landmark achieves a spectacular complexity within simplicity of design and functional programming, inviting sensorial experience and the warmth community in an iconic public design.

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