Midvale Apartment

Midvale Apartment

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong
  • Type: Interior Design
  • Status: Full Scope
  • Year: Sept-Nov 2014
  • Client: Private
  • Total Area: 75 sqm
  • Cost: 350 000 HKD (excluding appliances and furnishings)

Located in the mountainous resort residential development of Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, Midvale apartment is a 2-bedroom interior fitout project for a professional couple in the arts and academics who leads an active professional life.

The apartment’s existing boxy – conventional features were liberated by opening up the space and creating a sense of home and family gathering. A flexible open living/dining layout plan was developed around a long linear bar and a transformable multi-purpose alcove. The long bar incorporated kitchen appliances and storages on the kitchen side, and on the living room side, it provided shelves for books and DVD’s.

Culminating in one end of the long bar, a sitting area for 4 provides a spot for dining and socialization. The transformable alcove was carved out of an existing bedroom. With sliding partitions, the alcove transforms itself into a guest bedroom or opened up, it becomes an extended part of the living space. Its elevated floor platform helps to create an extra sense of spatial quality with a small height difference. Track lighting in the ceiling above the long bar accentuates further the in between quality of the long bar. It huddles between the two principal spaces and at the same time, it is one large open loft space.

The interior layout blurs the lines between functions and living habits, maximizing sociability, communication, transformation, and clarity of spaces along with abundant natural light throughout the flat.

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