Four Seasons Hotel Complex

Four Seasons Hotel Complex

Dalian, China
  • Type: Commercial – Retail
  • Status: Feasibility Study
  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Dalian Yifang Group, Dalian
  • Site Area: 10 000 sqm
  • GFA: 56 000 sqm
  • Project Undertaken at: RMJM-HK as Design Director

The site location for the Four Seasons Hotel Development requires consideration of five facades, the fifth being the roof plane with its fifty-meter (50 m) height limit and the juxtaposition of the high-rise buildings immediately to the South and their overlooking of the site. The pier upon which this development will be located brings with it a unique opportunity to develop an iconic marking of this place and its relationship to the sea beyond and the city to its South.

The proximity to the Dalian Conference Centre and its powerful forms suggest an approach that while bringing iconic outcomes does not attempt to compete with the Centre, but to bring sophisticated, sculptural form to the Dalian Waterfront, that will develop a new destination along the waterfront promenade.

In consideration of these thoughts, the approach emerges to create
 a jewel like representation with multi-faceted surfaces that can contain the varying functions of the development behind a unifying expression to the five faces. The reflectivity of these surfaces will bring the sea and the sky to engage with the form its colorization, and the jewel like expression that celebrates this place.

The development comprises four major components: a six-star Hotel, Residential Condominiums, Townhouse Villa and a Yacht Club.

The organization of these components about a central eastern arrival point, locate the condominiums to the South, the Hotel and Townhouse Villas to the North and the Yacht Club displaced onto the linear pier to the North.
From the Central Eastern arrival drop-off point, visitors will ascend to the public domain of the podium and its lush landscape, with 360 degree views, including extensive views to the Linear Terminal to the West and the Marina and Conference Centre to the East. The transformation of the severity of the existing pier into a green landscaped experience, provides the setting for the sculptural jewel that floats above this landscaped upper plane. Service deliveries and carpark access is from the South and West, with all the support functions, Hotel, Back of House and non-public areas held in the podium below the landscaped public terrace.

This displacement from the existing ground plane allows the romantic Marina imagery to the East to accommodate the sea going operations beneath the primary field of view.

This proposition does not have a back or a front, but develops
 a three dimensional beautiful object that contributes to the importance of the Dalian Seafront, and the commitment to Dalian as a twenty first century city for China.

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