Flower Garden Collage

Flower Garden Collage

Ruichang, Jianxi Province, China
  • Type: Residential
  • Status: Open International Competition – Project Selected for Award
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Hua Yang Group, Beijing + UIA, International Union of Architects
  • Site Area: 10 456 sqm
  • GFA: 17 230 sqm

Molewa – Flower Ocean master plan is an innovative and comprehensive precinct planning to create an iconic leisure and entertainment destination point for all, young and old, family of all ages, embracing nature and the built environment to create a truly world class public realm and modern eco-lifestyle living. Hua Yang Group’s objective is to promote the region’s cultural identity and its unique heritage by defining a new modus operandi in shaping the urban fabric and morphology attentive to its location, the context and the scale of the urban development.

For our chosen site, plot 15, the conceptual direction is to bring the natural and sensorial experience of the Flower Ocean theme into the residential units. Our vision lies in the following design principles listed below that redefines living to respect the generational differences and creating a healthy and well-being lifestyle living for all as the foremost design driver:

  • All units are designed as individual “houses” with its own proper outdoor “garden” regardless of its size and position.
  • All units have cross ventilation to ensure resourceful use of the environment.
  • All units are oriented north-south to ensure maximum access to sunlight.
  • All units have private lift-staircase access to ensure security and privacy.
  • Functional layout allows flexibility-transformable spaces to accommodate different use, different ages and family structure.
  • All units minimizes partitions yet maintains privacy.
  • All units promote sense of home in the universal sense of respecting individual and collective spaces.
  • The fundamental idea of our concept lies in this simple precept: one residential unit + one outdoor garden = one home.

Each residential unit pivots around a central private flower garden, an important family node. Each unit’s private flower garden is designed with one flower type i.e. hydrangea, daffodils, iris, lilies, chrysanthemum, tulips, sunflower, anemone, etc. It gives individuality and identity within the overall residential organization. Endowing each unit with a “home” atmosphere, from the private flower garden to the private access; the overall design highlights exclusivity and privacy.

The individual private flower garden defines the heart and soul of the basic module unit with a series of secondary exterior spaces creating green buffer zones between the various functions of the residential unit. The interior circulation is organized as a clear interconnected spatial flow from one zone to another intersected by green spaces inside and out. While the distinction between private/ social is very clear, the division between exterior/ interior becomes blurred depending on needs and demands of each owner during the day and the different seasons. The apartment breathes in and out as a living species. The three unit typologies, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom simplex and 4 bedroom duplex are flexible and adaptable in a way that they can adjust to a diversity range of family types.

The central open residential garden is an eclectic collage of flower fields established on an elevated level above the ground level car park. The residential garden features an integrated residential clubhouse facility that is part of the landscape collage. It fluctuates between levels, creating a diverse ground-above ground-below ground experience. The residential garden is elevated one level to guarantee maximum privacy and to allow the direct street access car park access on the ground floor. Three distinguished elements were also created and placed on the major nodes of the plot, facing the pedestrian boulevard connecting with the Flower Ocean Park. Two of these elements define the main entrances for the whole compound and the third one a small café pavilion facing the park creates the boundary between public space and private facilities.

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