Family Leisure-Cultural Entertainment Centre

Family Leisure-Cultural Entertainment Centre

Phoenix Island, Sanya, Hainan, China
  • Type: Commercial – Retail
  • Status: Feasibility study- Concept Design – Currently on-going
  • Year: 2013
  • Client: BPI Far East Real Estate, Sanya
  • Site Area: 57 843 sqm
  • GFA: 120 262 sqm
  • In collaboration with: BCCI Architects-Shenzhen

Part of an integrated resort- family entertainment development complex on the artificial island off the coast of an important eco-friendly leisure/touristic/residential development that seeks to create a new vibrant urban centre within a newly planned industrial and commercial district to provide a dynamic, pedestrian oriented and eco-friendly commercial-retail, cultural-entertainment and leisure destination hub integrating major transportation connections.

Situated within the high end villa development of Phoenix Island in Sanya, the Family Leisure –Cultural Entertainment centre is a hybrid program to combine the entertainment destination points of a developing tourism industry of Sanya, providing a family destination point for the local inhabitants and to cultivate a cultural complex as a higher ideal of existence.

The entertainment centre would include an art museum and a national treasure collection with an art exhibition promenade linking the street retail with a cine-plex and a Marine Cove water feature. Other entertainment features would include a heritage sea theme park on the ground level with multiple street retail connections, an extensive F&B court to cater to all tastes and culinary desires. Retail fashion outlet stores would be a main draw for tourists and locals alike seeking the latest fashion trends.

Composed of a series of stacked program “pebbles”, the user experience is full of surprising spatial wonders and tangential vistas drawing the pedestrian on a poetic journey that blends culture, leisure and entertainment. The stacked pebbles are made of various sizes and reflect the functional programs: fashion outlet retail shops, street retail, cinema, museum, conference centre, & Art expo centre. Surface treatment of the pebbles varies from shiny, glistening metallic surface to perforated illuminating curved panels. All orchestrated as a total experiential composition for the eyes and inner sensations. The public promenade is made of the interstitial spaces in between the pebbles. They incorporate the sensation of the curved surfaces of the pebbles. Guided by a strategic network of special event nodes, the pedestrian circulation interlaces itself around the pebbles and nodes, creating a dynamic and visually stunning experience.

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