Dubai Spring Service Apartment Tower

Dubai Spring Service Apartment Tower

Dubai, UAE
  • Type: Residential
  • Status: Direct Commission
  • Year: March 2016
  • Client: CFIPC-Dubai
  • Site Area: 4 599 sqm
  • GFA: 37 703 sqm
  • In Collaboration With: BCCI-Shenzhen

Our focus is Lot 345-390. It is situated within the Burj Khalifa district at the foot of the Iconic Burj Khalifa: part of a residential zoning band that wraps around the principal commercial-retail development of the Burj Khalifa district to the south-east and south-west. There is a fabulous direct view towards the iconic Burj Khalifa tower. Destined to be a keystone to the growing international population settling in Dubai, the site is ideally located at the primary entry to the district. It offers urban lifestyle living with close proximities to the central business district nearby, retail and leisure amenities of Dubai Mall, and other street retail.

Further, the site is an elongated trapezoidal shaped site. It is situated at the round-about of the Burj Khalifa blvd and Dubai Fountain street to the north-west and bordered by Al Asayel Street to the south-east. Principal masterplanning for these lots all follow similar planning guidelines: podium structure with retail/residential units on the lower level and car park structure up to a maximum height of 20m high; a retail arcade along the main façade; and residential towers above podium of unspecific heights.

With a site area of 4599 sqm and a Floor Area Ratio of 8.08, the overall tower will be a thinned profile tower of approximately 44 stories above the podium structure. The podium itself, with built-in constraints on the number of car park requirements, constitute a hefty mass of 5 levels (including a mezzanine level), just shy of 20 m tall. The disproportional relationship between tower and podium is an issue to confront, as well as its relationship to the urban context and its position at the gateway into the district.

We propose a clear and bold three-part plan to establish a new urban lifestlye and meet all the challenges. Thus, our concept proposal lies within three major design drivers. First, we will create a more humane scale urban relationship. The relationship of the iconic tower to its urban context should reflect integration of a humane nature. The podium mass is often a large block with very little scale differentiation and virtually no relationship to the public realm. One major direction will be to create an inviting and appropriate scale relationship with the street by dematerializing the podium mass: therefore, we plan the juxtaposition of an elegant and sleek glass tower structure with its cosmopolitan and urban contexts, signifying the sophisticated and stylish lifestyle of the region.

Second, we will develop a series of standard unit plans that offer efficient- flexible layouts and a luxury oriented level of furnished apartments that correspond to the lifestyle and expectation of potential users. The interior design of each unit seeks to define a level of lifestyle living that corresponds to each potential client, whether target user or purchaser. The appointment of each unit is carefully chosen for its durability, quality of workmanship, and value of its products over the lifespan of the unit.

Third and lastly, we plan to adapt to regional climate. Active and passive solutions are key components of basic architectural design features in Sustainability. When local materials are used especially, the massing and architectural components respond efficiently and effectively to long-term conditions of climate. Thick, well-insulated walls will minimise heat gain by conduction. Double insulated glass panel units with sun shading devices for façade envelope protection will promote utilization of maximum natural light. The efficient and protective panels will also minimize the use of artificial light and relieve heat gain on the glass façade, promoting natural ventilation through the units. Integrating planted structures with the public realm will offer important shaded areas, offering delight and relief from the sun for the public. Circulating by exchange, cooler air on the ground will be utilized to freshen heated air on the surface.. Recycled and eco-based building materials and eco labeled appliances will also add to overall and enduring sustainability of the residential complex.

In conclusion, our concept proposal, honoring the sound and rational design drivers driven by market forces and a humane scale perspective, at the same time defines a unique and and conceptually clear design that responds each prospective client’s goals and objectives. Our three-part design, cleanly planned and ultra-sophisticated for contemporary demands and tastes, establishes a unique urban relationship, efficient at both micro and macro scale. Our plan and vision, together, create an iconic architectural design through sublimely assembled of lines and materiality, defining the next generation of exquisite taste, efficacy, and expansion in Dubai.

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