Agricultural Leisure / Entertainment Park

Agricultural Leisure / Entertainment Park

Zhuhai, China
  • Type: Urban Design
  • Status: Invited Competition – Project Shortlisted
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: N/A
  • Site Area: 817 407 sqm
  • GFA: 63 217 sqm

Agricultural Leisure / entertainment park of Zhuhai is a masterplan for an ecological tourism / educational area situated adjacent to the mountain of Shuanglong, with Meixi reservoir just to the south. The region is rich in landscape resources with mineral rich soils. Mixing nature, agricultural sightseeing, creative, educative and leisure experiences with the elements produced within the agricultural park, an outdoor family oriented leisure / educational destination point is created to promote agriculture as an ecological park.

Combining natural resources of the area to form a new type of public agricultural park, including sightseeing, leisure, tourism, training base, flowers production and cultural creativity, the park is conceived as a series of interconnected natural, educational and leisure zones to enhance and promote agriculture, training and education through a fun and relaxing landscaped atmosphere where nature is respected and plays the primary role in highlighting the overall experience.

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