“555 points” Chaise Longue

“555 points” Chaise Longue

Concept Design
  • Type: Industrial Design
  • Status: Concept Design
  • Principal Materials: Laser cut plywood and neoprene
  • Dimensions: 60cm x 160cm x 50-70cm H

Classics with twist: the idiosyncratic take on classic British fashion epitomizes Sir Paul Smith’s timeless and chic style world-wide. Across genders, cultures, and geographies, his design crosses borders. Twisting the boundaries once more, our proposal crosses over from the world of fabrics into a furniture-piece based on simplicity: classic and enduring, ecological and sustainable, and ultimately functional with a sublime twist.

With 555 precision laser cut plywood profiles of 20mm x 20mm with various heights, within a field of 60cm x 160cm, our proposal creates a virtual undulating surface of 555 soft neoprene “points” for reclining, lounging, or sitting. Each piece is parametrically controlled, based on the anthropomorphic of the surface and held together by a hidden inner plywood frame requiring little to no screws. Surface is no longer a physical form but a virtual one generated by “soft” points in space.

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