1+1=1 Tower

1+1=1 Tower

Shenzhen, China
  • Type: High Rise Towers
  • Status: Invited Competition – 2nd place award
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Great Wall Electronics Company Ltd.
  • Site Area: 14 800 sqm
  • GFA: 128 000 sqm
  • In collaboration with: Huazhu Architectural & Engineering Co. Ltd. – Shenzhen

Our proposal reflects the innovative spirit of the Great Wall company; creative, collaborative and visionary.  Our strategies lies in creating architectural opportunities for collaborative-interactive spaces between departments and generating a unique and identifiable visual spatial volume that spans the macro and micro scale of a tower.

The new R/D + Administrative tower is composed of two towers, one R/D and the other Administration, facing one another forming a interconnected relationship. Each one unique in its form yet together recomposes into one overall tower. The strong feature of this project lies in the vertical void. It shapes a canyon of different volumes and different proportions that create a succession and hierarchy of shared spaces.

The assemblage forms a layered organic composition of shared functions and facilities between the 2 principal departments (Administration offices and Research & Development).  They are organised to foster interrelationship through collaborative and interactive shared functions, promoting networking, both professionally and socially. Natural daylight and air are omnipresent throughout the tower. Natural daylight intercepts the tower from the top to the bottom; the air crosses it from north to south and the landscape is laid out as a grid that creates a pixelated surface of pavement, water features and green areas.

Our proposal creates a strong identity for Great Wall, and defines a vibrant landmark for Shenzhen and Shenzhen High Tech Industry Park. A new edifice that defies boundaries between traditional and modern, public and private, exterior and interior…Something in between!

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